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NUR-HOLZ pavilion

We and the Beekeepers are pleased that the pavilion, which was manufactured by us, could be delivered

The Pavilion is built of our ecological NUR-HOLZ elements and wooden frame walls, furthermore it has a glue-free dowel laminatet timber roof.

At the...

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May tree in Oberharmersbach

The carpenters of the company Rombach help with maypole-placing

Pictures from the May Festival in Oberharmersbach - the weather was great and it was a successful event. Also our industrious carpenters have helped...

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Japanese delegation visited NUR-HOLZ production

Japanese delegation visits our NUR-HOLZ production

On Wednesday, 27.03.2019 a Japanese delegation visited us and visited our joinery, wood frame and NUR-HOLZ production. Afterwards they were allowed to...

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8th Freiburg Holzbautag

We were exhibitors at the 8th Freiburg Holzbautag

The 8th Freiburg timber construction day took place on 21.03.2019. Here our two sales employees presented our ecological, glue- and metal-free solid...

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NUR-HOLZ Seminar 2019

This past weekend we had this year's NUR-HOLZ Partner-Meeting.

We have invited all our NUR-HOLZ sales partners to this event.

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Planned construction project 2019

Our ELR-application was approved with full funding

In the middle of last year, we applied for funding for the construction of our new office building and extension of the production hall in the...

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