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  • NUR-HOLZ House

  • Neu in unserem Portfolio Blechnerei- und Sanitärleistungen

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  • Hay drying hall in NUR-HOLZ construction

  • Oberharmersbach - Production site of NUR-HOLZ

  • Neu: NUR-HOLZ rustikal

  • most environmentally friendly office building - built with NUR-HOLZ

  • Neu: NUR-HOLZ insulated

  • Oberharmersbach in the Black Forest

  • joined timber

  • Fir tree in the Black Forest

  • Roof renovation


NUR-HOLZ - The glue- and metal-free solid wood construction method from the Black Forest.
We build your oasis of well-being.



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Benefit from our many years of experience.
We manufacture individual timber construction solutions for you with the most modern machinery.



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Your professional for all work around wood.
We are happy to advise you from renovation to new construction, whether carport, roof truss, single-family house and much more.


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Quality from the Black Forest

The company Rombach can look back on a long and exciting company history. Today we, the Rombach company, are a high-performance family business with over 80 years of experience with wood as a recyclable material. Our wide range of services includes all carpentry work, individual timber house construction as well as commercial and object buildings. Our claim covers a continuous growth, because only in this way the independence of our family business sets the course for a successful future.



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