tested quality

Building with Rombach means building safely.

We are a member of the Wolfach guild of carpenters.


We have received the European Technical Approval for our NUR-HOLZ elements from independent experts of the KIT, the Steel and Lightweight Construction Research Institute for Steel, Wood and Stones of the University of Karlsruhe. These regularly check our produced NUR-HOLZ elements. This entitles us to carry the CE mark with the number: 0769-CPR-6203/01.



The recognition and notification of the PEFC certificate, issued by HW-Zert GmbH, Holz + Wald Zertifizierungsgesellschaft mbH, guarantees you that the wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests.

All this guarantees you an excellent and safe quality that you can always rely on.



Our timber frame construction is externally monitored by MPA Stuttgart, which entitles us to carry the RAL quality mark for timber raw element production.
(RAL-GZ 421)




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